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LibGuides are an easy way to compile knowledge, share useful information, and organize and showcase subject-specific resources. The creation of LibGuides is an ongoing project in HeinOnline, with the goal

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What Is ORCID?

ORCID is an independent non-profit organization that provides a persistent identifier–an ORCID ID– to distinguish a particular author from other researchers while simultaneously showcasing his or her research outputs and

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ORCID Membership

To inquire about an ORCID membership, please visit ORCID’s website: https://orcid.org/about/membership A list of current ORCID members may be located here: https://orcid.org/members/001G000001wND7XIAW-lyrasis

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HeinOnline Widgets

We offer a variety of widgets for your use. Widgets allow users to embed HeinOnline searching options into their interface. For example we have a widget that allows users to

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