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Explore This Author is an interactive tool which uses metadata, natural language processing, and machine learning to analyze authors and identify relationships between them.* Discover an author’s most-discussed topics, the journals in which they most frequently publish, recurring co-authors, and more with this exciting new feature.

*Author profile metrics continue to be fluid with this tool as new material is added to HeinOnline.

To use the Explore This Author feature, navigate to an author profile page in HeinOnline and select the new “Explore This Author” link. Let’s test out the feature by exploring HeinOnline author Bonnie Shucha.

Users will be redirected to an interactive chart of facets*, each of which can be used to analyze the author’s work or his relationship to other authors or journals. Facets include:

  • PathFinder Subjects: Frequent subjects about which this author has written.
  • Cited by: Authors who have cited this author.
  • Cites to: Authors who have been cited by this author and the specific articles in which they are cited.
  • Related Authors: Authors similar to the author in question. Calculated by an algorithm which takes into account all facets, as well as organizations, people, and locations within the texts of the author in question.
  • Co-Authors: Authors who have co-written with this author and the articles they authored together.
  • Publications: The journals in which the author is most frequently published.

*Each facet expansion is limited to the top 10 results

Facets can be expanded and collapsed simply by clicking on them. Select the PathFinder Subjects facet to view Bonnie Shucha’s top ten discussed subjects.

Users will notice that each subject is hyperlinked in blue. Clicking on any of the listed subjects will automatically perform a query across all subscribed databases looking for works by Bonnie Shucha related to that topic. For example, select Internet to view all available works by Bonnie Shucha on the topic.

Maybe you know all about Bonnie Shucha, but you’d like to find authors like her. Select the Related Authors facet to view a list of authors like Bonnie Shucha who write about the same subjects, organizations, people, and more. Click on an author’s name to be directed to his or her author profile page.

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