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What is Altmetric?

Altmetric, an addition to HeinOnline, is designed to monitor online mentions of published material with DOIs, including platforms like X or Wikipedia. It offers researchers convenient links to track these

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How To Use NoodleTools

Any HeinOnline user can find sources in the Law Journal Library and then seamlessly organize that material in NoodleTools. Simply use the new “Export to NoodleTools” feature incorporated into our

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Is HeinOnline endorsed by KBART?

HeinOnline is a KBART-endorsed vendor. KBART, which stands for Knowledge Bases and Related Tools, is a National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Recommended Practice for the communication of electronic resource title

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How to Use the Serial Set Lookup Tools

HeinOnline contains the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, a must-have publication for anyone studying American history. This indispensable resource includes two centuries worth of documents from both the House of Representatives and

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