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The multidisciplinary content within the Law Journal Library is organized into a multi-level taxonomy that we call PathFinder. Learn more about PathFinder, or keep reading learn how to use it to search the Law Journal Library.

1. Category, Subject, and Topic Facets

PathFinder’s Categories, Subjects, and Topics can be found as filter facets on the left-hand side of your search results. After performing a search, the HeinOnline search engine provides a list of the most-frequently assigned PathFinder levels that appear among the results of that query. See an example search for “women’s rights” and the most frequent Categories, Subjects, and Topics that appear below.

2. Subjects and Topics in Search Results

To make research more efficient, PathFinder’s Subjects and Topics have been extracted from each document and made visible in each search result. A quick glance at these Subjects and Topics can often provide all the information necessary about whether that document is pertinent to your research.

3. Using Topics in Advanced Search

Users can additionally utilize PathFinder’s Topics when performing an Advanced Search in the Law Journal Library database. Construct any query, then choose one or more Topics under which the search engine should perform that query.

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