How do I search for law review articles by subject?

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How do I search for law review articles by subject?

Are you looking for law review articles about corporate attorney-client privilege? You can search by subject in the Law Journal Library by clicking the Advanced Search option from the main page.

Any search box in HeinOnline can use Advanced Search Syntax, keeping in mind that all phrases should be contained inside quotation marks and all Boolean operators should be in all capital letters.

Additionally, here are some general rules to keep in mind when using these search options.

  • You can choose to search across the entire collection, or you can narrow your search to search by subject OR by title.
  • These options do not allow you to search across a specific subject(s) AND across a specific title(s).
  • When you click on a subject from the subject listing, the title listing is grayed out, thus not allowing you to select a title.
  • To reset the list to search by title rather than by subject, click on “All Subjects” from the subject listing.
  • If you search across more than one subject, the query will look for the term across all titles associated with subject 1 or all titles associated with subject 2. Thus, selecting multiple subjects expands your search rather than narrows it.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at an example.


We want to find law review articles published in Illinois regarding “corporate attorney-client privilege”. The corporate attorney-client privilege is most closely related to the field of business.

Open the advanced search option from the Law Journal Library. Enter the phrase “corporate attorney-client privilege” into the first search box, select Text from the drop down menu. Then insert Illinois into the second search box and select State from the drop down menu. In the Subject section search for Business/Economics and select the option that pops up.

This returns over 30 articles that discuss “corporate attorney-client privilege.” Now, we want to narrow down our results to determine what the essential elements are that make up the privilege. We know the elements were decided in the United States vs. United Shoe Machinery Corp. case. Therefore, click on Search Within Results.

Using the Text drop down option enter “United Shoe Machinery Corp.” and hit the search button. This narrows our results.

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