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What is Oyez?

Oyez is a free law project at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. It’s a multimedia archive dedicated to making Supreme Court case law available to everyone. The website offers transcript-synchronized and searchable audio, easily understandable case summaries, illustrated decision information, and opinions. Oyez also has detailed information on current and past Supreme Court justices and offers a panoramic tour of the Supreme Court building.

To access Oyez linking from HeinOnline, simply enter the U.S. Supreme Court Library and either search for or navigate to your desired case. For example, let’s find United States v. Stevens from 2009-10. From the collection homepage, select the Full Text search tab, and click the Advanced Search link. Next, enter United States v. Stevens in the Case Title field and click Search:

Oyez linking is available both from search results and within the table of contents inside a document:

Search Results
Inside a Document

Clicking the Oyez link will direct the user to the specific case on the Oyez website, where multimedia options will be displayed:

Oyez is also fully searchable. Simply enter the case name into the search bar on the top right side of the page:

Oyez linking is available both from U.S. Reports volumes and the United States Reports Slip Opinions.

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