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What is KBART?

Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART)  was created by The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) in 2010 to improve the supply of data to link resolvers and knowledge bases, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OpenURL linking. It focuses specifically on data related to content holdings rather than on bibliographic data about individual titles, which does not need to be updated as regularly as holdings data. The KBART format can be used for both human-readable and machine-readable purposes and is a low cost approach to effective knowledge base metadata transfer for publishers. With implementation of this format, users can be assured that the providers’ metadata is trusted and has the required level of granularity without the burdensome task of title-by-title checking. In short, KBART provides a low-cost, easy solution for providers’ data to be accurately disseminated to users.

HeinOnline is a KBART-endorsed vendor. Each HeinOnline database includes unique URLs to download titles listings in KBART format (.csv & .txt). KBART standards help to ensure the integrity and functionality of knowledge bases by offering a consistent method for relaying information, which helps make content more discoverable and accessible. The files are updated monthly and provide a uniform structure that can be relied upon by librarians.

To locate KBART files for any HeinOnline database, select the More Information icon from the welcome page.

image of where to locate KBART in HeinOnline interface

Users can also find the KBART files for all databases within this Knowledge Base article.


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