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What is Hein’s ScholarCheck?

Hein’s ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features integrated throughout various HeinOnline libraries that allow you to view journal articles and cases* that have a heavy influence on the subject you are researching. It allows you to:

  • Analyze the most cited journals, articles, authors and more
  • Analyze articles most cited by other articles, most cited by cases, and most accessed during a rolling 12-month period
  • Sort search results by number of times cited by articles, number of times cited by cases, and number of times accessed by HeinOnline users in a rolling 12-month period
  • Link directly to cited material that is available in HeinOnline
  • View author rankings in several categories:
    • Number of times cited by other articles in HeinOnline
    • Number of times cited by cases
    • Number of times accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period
    • Number of times cited by articles in HeinOnline that were written in the past 10 years

What does ScholarCheck do?

  • Links users to articles that cite the article currently being viewed
  • Indicates in your search results how many articles cite that article, how many cases cite the article, how many times an article has been accessed within a rolling twelve-month cycle and provides a link to view the list of articles
  • Allows users to sort search results by the number of times an article is cited by either articles or cases, or by the number of times accessed
  • Inside HeinOnline material, Bluebook citations to articles, cases or documents that are available in HeinOnline or in case law powered by Fastcase will appear as a highlighted link, allowing usersto quickly jump to the cited material
  • Allows users to view author profile pages, including the various ScholarCheck rankings noted above

When can I use it?

The ScholarCheck features are active in the Law Journal Library; Bar Journals; English Reports Full Reprint; Kluwer Law International Journals; Taxation and Economic Reform in America, Parts I & II; History of Bankruptcy, Taxation and Economic Reform in America, Part III; U.S. Federal Legislative Histories, United States Statutes at Large Library, and case law powered by Fastcase. They can also be found when researching the United Nations or League of Nations Treaty Series, the titles from Part I of the Foreign and International Law Resources Database, ALI-ABA titles from Part III of the American Law Institute library, or U.S. Supreme Court Cases.  NOTE: This feature will continue to expand and be made available in other HeinOnline libraries.

To determine where ScholarCheck tools and features can be used, look for the ScholarCheck icon.   

ScholarCheck is also integrated into the search results in several other HeinOnline libraries. On a search result if you see a “Cited by [#]” link listed, you can click on that to view the articles or cases that cite the article or document listed in that result. The Number of Times Accessed information will also appear in the search results. You can also choose to sort search results by the number of times an article or document is cited by an article or case, or by number of times accessed. Hein’s ScholarCheck is available only in select libraries at this time. To determine where ScholarCheck tools and features can be used, look for the ScholarCheck icon.

*Case features available with Fastcase Premium subscription.

For a complete overview of ScholarCheck, view our detailed brochure.

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