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What is Altmetric?

Altmetric, an addition to HeinOnline, is designed to monitor online mentions of published material with DOIs, including platforms like X or Wikipedia. It offers researchers convenient links to track these mentions.

How Does it Work?

An Altmetric badge updates daily to showcase the engagement surrounding research. In one click, users can see a record of all the online attention surrounding each piece of research.

  • The Altmetric donut colors show you where the conversations are happening.
  • The attention score is a weighted count of how much attention a piece of research has received.
  • Clicking on the donut will bring your users to the Altmetric Attention Score page for that item
image of Altmetrics details for a published work

Where Can I Find Altmetrics in HeinOnline?

Altmetrics will only appear if an article includes a DOI and at least 1 metric from an outside online source. These badges can be found in four different places in HeinOnline.

Search Results Page

Within a search results page, users will see the Almetrics badge located to the right of the document, next to the ScholarCheck metrics.

image of the Altmetric donut badge found in HeinOnline search results

Author Profile Pages

The Altmetric badge can be found on Author Profile Pages in HeinOnline. Similar to search results, the donut badge will be listed next to the ScholarCheck metrics of the author’s listed works.

image of the Altmetric badge found within an author profile page in HeinOnline

Page Viewer

When viewing an article in HeinOnline, an Altmetric badge will display next to the ScholarCheck metrics above the table of contents.

image of the Altmetrics badge located next to the scholarcheck metrics in HeinOnline when viewing a document


If a user saves an article that contains an Altmetric to their MyHein account, the badge will also be displayed there as well.

image of Altmetric badges found within Bookmarks of a MyHein profile in HeinOnline

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