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McGill Guide Citation Format

Users can access the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, otherwise known as the McGill Guide! We’d like to thank Vicki Leung from the University of Windsor for suggesting this idea.

How to Locate the McGill Guide Citation

Let’s begin by constructing a search in the Law Journal Library. Browse by Country and choose Canada from the list of countries. Using the search bar located above the Canadian journals, enter “trial scientific evidence”~20 and click the search button. This proximity search locates articles from these journals which have the words trial, scientific, and evidence within 20 words of each other.

From the results page choose the first article titled, R. v. Awer and the Dangers of Science in Sheep’s Clothing. Next, click the Cite button located above the table of contents.


The Cite button will provide a variety of citation formats, including the McGill Guide. Users have the ability to export journal citations to Refworks, to Endnote, or as a Text File from the cite button in HeinOnline.

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