Linking a Pre-Existing ORCID Account to HeinOnline

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Linking a Pre-Existing ORCID Account to HeinOnline

ORCID provides a unique, persistent identifier to distinguish researchers and allow them to showcase their research outputs and activities. Learn more about ORCID. Haven’t registered for an ORCID account? Learn how to create an ORCID account and link it to HeinOnline.

If you have created an ORCID account in the past, follow the below instructions to smoothly link the existing account to HeinOnline.

Navigate to and enter your email or ORCID iD as well as your ORCID password.

To connect your ORCID iD to HeinOnline, your visibility settings must be set to either “Everyone” or “Trusted parties.” You can easily adjust these settings within your ORCID account. Learn more about ORCID’s visibility settings.

Find Your ORCID Account Settings

After signing into your ORCID account, you will be redirected to your personal ORCID record. To adjust your settings, locate “Account Settings” within the drop-down next to your profile name at the top of the page.

Adjust Your Visibility Preferences

Under “Account Settings,” locate the Visibility preferences section and click “Edit.” Ensure that you have selected either “Everyone” or “Trusted parties” in this section. Note: To connect your ORCID account to HeinOnline, you must select one of these visibility settings. 

Now that your ORCID account is ready to go, you can connect it to HeinOnline via your author profile page. Discover how to locate your personal author profile page in HeinOnline.

Click “Register or Connect Your ORCID iD”

A button to register or connect your ORCID iD will display on your author profile page in HeinOnline. Click the button to proceed with your ORCID iD alignment.

Upon clicking the button, you may be prompted to sign in to your ORCID account if you have not recently done so.

Authorize HeinOnline to Fully Integrate with ORCID

To fully integrate your HeinOnline and ORCID profiles—including being able to showcase your HeinOnline articles in ORCID—you will need to authorize the following permissions. Note: If you select “Deny,” you will not be able to fully integrate your HeinOnline and ORCID profiles.

After selecting “Authorize,” you will be prompted to log in to HeinOnline one final time to align your ORCID iD. If your iD aligned correctly, it will display on your profile as below:

Congratulations! You have created an ORCID account and successfully linked it to your HeinOnline author profile page.

To get the most out of this integration, send your list of HeinOnline articles to your ORCID profile. From your author profile page, select the “Send works to ORCID” link underneath your ORCID iD. You will be redirected to a list of your current works in HeinOnline. Check the boxes next to the desired articles and click submit.

Successfully sending the works to ORCID will allow them to appear on your ORCID profile to either everyone or trusted parties of your choosing, depending on the visibility settings you chose in the beginning. You can also adjust the visibility settings for each individual article. View your list of works in ORCID at

After successfully aligning your ORCID, users will also see all of the works on their ORCID record displayed on their HeinOnline author profile page as well, even if the full text is not available in our databases.* All publications that exist in HeinOnline will appear by default as before, but in a new tab labeled HeinOnline Works.

The rest of an author’s ORCID record (including their biography, metadata, and non-HeinOnline works) will appear in the new ORCID Record tab.


Data from an author’s ORCID record will only display if the following two conditions are met:

  1. The ORCID iD has been successfully aligned to the author’s HeinOnline profile.
  2. The data on the ORCID record has been configured to display to either “Everyone” or to “Trusted Parties” in the data’s visibility settings.

This feature is updated daily, meaning that if you change the visibility settings on any of your ORCID data, those changes will be reflected in HeinOnline the next day. For example, if you would prefer not to have information on your ORCID record displayed in HeinOnline, simply update the visibility settings on that information within ORCID to “Private.” Within 24 hours, any ORCID data set to “Private” will no longer be viewable in HeinOnline.


For further questions regarding HeinOnline’s integration of ORCID, please contact support at

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