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How To Use NoodleTools

Any HeinOnline user can find sources in the Law Journal Library and then seamlessly organize that material in NoodleTools. Simply use the new “Export to NoodleTools” feature incorporated into our existing citation tool.

To begin, create or open an existing project in NoodleTools. In a separate browser tab, log into HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library to begin your research. Once you’ve found the perfect source, use the built-in Cite button from within the document in question.

Screenshot of article in the Law Journal Library featuring the Cite button

This button will bring up a list of possible citations for the document in a variety of citation styles. Underneath the list of options, find the new “Export to NoodleTools” hyperlink.

Screenshot of HeinOnline citations featuring the export to NoodleTools link

Select this link for a chance to review the citation before importing. After review, choose the appropriate project from the drop-down and click the Import References button.

If you find any issues within the given citation, there is a space within this interface to send feedback to HeinOnline before importing your reference.

Note: The citation style imported will automatically be based on the style chosen upon creation of the NoodleTools project. 

Screenshot of a citation exported to NoodleTools

Return to your project in NoodleTools and select the Sources tab to view your source list. You will now see the reference you just exported from HeinOnline listed and ready to use in NoodleTools. Yep, it’s that easy!

Export as many sources as you need from HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library using this feature.

Screenshot of NoodleTools interface

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