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How To Edit Your Own Author Profile in HeinOnline

Authors who have enhanced their author profile page to include their email addresses have the ability to edit their own author profile information through MyHein. To access this feature, authors must be signed in to their MyHein account created under the same email address. Users may access the edit portal from within their MyHein account or from anywhere in HeinOnline.

1. Access from MyHein Account

From within your MyHein account, select the button marked Author Portal. 

screenshot of Author Portal

2. Access from HeinOnline

From anywhere in HeinOnline, navigate to the MyHein drop-down menu and select Author Profile Admin.

screenshot of Author Profile Admin option in MyHein drop-down menu

Either method will direct the author to their own Author Profile Admin portal. Authors can add their photos and edit their names, birth years, and job titles. Authors may also add links to their online profiles and personal biographies (Note: HTML code is optional).

screenshot of media form in Author Portal

Once added, the information input by each author will be displayed on his/her author profile in HeinOnline:

screenshot of Author Profile Page

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