How do I search by CFR citation?

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How do I search by CFR citation?

If you have a specific CFR citation, you can use the CFR Citation Locator tool from the CFR home page to generate a search for the citation. NOTE:  Since the CFR is only indexed down to the part level, to find a section the system will generate a full-text search for you based on the criteria you entered for the year, title, part, and section. Let’s take a look at an example to illustrate how this works.

Example:  We want to find 12 CFR 14.40 from 2007, which discusses “What a covered person must disclose” regarding consumer purchases of insurance.

It is best to narrow your search to a specific year if you can.  If you wish to view the changes from year to year, however, you can choose “All” from the Revision Year drop down menu.  After selecting a year, insert the title number, part number and section number in the appropriate boxes and click find citation.  The below search generates a query that looks like this:  (text:”14.40″ AND part:”14″ AND title_num:”12″ AND volrefdate:”2007″).

You’ll notice that the query is appending the Part and Section numbers together into a text string to search for the CFR section, text:”14.40″.  As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the CFR is only indexed to the part level, therefore to find a section it must do a full-text search.

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