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Finding Aids in the United Nations Law Collection

From the United Nations Law Collection homepage, users will see Finding Aids to help them search across the extensive material available within this database. Let’s explore all the options available.

image of Finding Aids in United Nations Law Collection

United Nations Treaty Citation

Using this option within the Finding Aids, users can easily plug in the volume and page number to retrieve a United Nations treaty.

image of United Nations Treaty citation locator

League of Nations Treaty Series Citation

Using this option, users can easily plug in the volume and page number to retrieve a League of Nations treaty.

image of League of Nations Treaty locator

Search for a Treaty

With this option, users can search across multiple data points including short title, popular name, keyword, signing date, and more.

image of treaty locator

Search All United Nations Publications

This option will direct users to the Advanced Search option for the United Nations Law Collection, where users can search across all the content.

image of Finding Aids
image of search all options in United nations Law Collection

International Agreements by Popular Name

This option gives users the ability to browse international agreements by their popular name.

image of list of international agreements in HeinOnline

Scholarly Writings of Faculty Members

This option provides links to scholarly articles written on the topics of the database. Click the author’s name to see their authored works.

image of list of scholarly articles

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