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Download a CSV of Author Profile Metrics

Researchers can effortlessly download a CSV of an author’s scholarly works, complete with their ScholarCheck metrics, straight from their author profile page on HeinOnline.

How to Download a Metrics CSV

From an author profile page, users can find the new CSV button located above the author’s listed works.

image of the CSV button located above scholarly works on an author profile page in HeinOnline

Users can either select specific articles or the Check All option to download a comprehensive list of the author’s works. Once the article(s) are selected, select the CSV button.

image of selected scholarly works on an author profile page and an arrow pointing to the CSV button

A CSV will automatically download and provide the following information:

  • Date the CSV was downloaded
  • Title of the article
  • Author’s name
  • Co-authors names
  • Publication date
  • Journal name
  • Volume
  • Pages
  • PathFinder subjects
  • Permalink
  • Proxy permalink (if your account has branding set up)
  • Bluebook citation
  • ScholarCheck metrics
image of a downloaded CSV file from an author profile page showcasing all their scholarly works and more.

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