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Citations in HeinOnline

Easily retrieve a document by selecting the Citation option in the drop-down menu of the one-box main search bar in HeinOnline.

Citation Format Guide

To find proper abbreviations, use the Citation Format Guide located within the Advanced Search of any HeinOnline database.

Simply click on “Citation Format Guide” to view a list of titles, sorted alphabetically. Browse by Title Name or Citation.

When a title has multiple citations, they will all be listed in the Citation Format Guide.

Click on either the title or citation to enter the volume number and page number.

Database Specific Citation Navigator

If a database includes its own citation navigator, users will see it listed under the main one-box search bar within the database.

For example, the Federal Register Library has its own navigator:

Which looks like this:


Highlighted Citations in HeinOnline

Citations on pages in HeinOnline are highlighted for easy navigation among related documents. If a citation exists in HeinOnline, the citation is highlighted in blue.

Clicking the hyperlink directs the user to the document referenced in the citation:

Use the Cite Button Located in HeinOnline

Located above the table of contents of any document in HeinOnline is the cite button:

This tool provides the document’s citation in multiple citation formats including American Psychological Association (APA)ChicagoBluebook, and the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).

Users have the ability to export journal citations to Refworks, Endnote, NoodleTools, or as a Text File from the cite button in HeinOnline.

Use MyHein to Export Journal Citations to Multiple Sources

With a MyHein account, export journal citations to Refworks, Endnote, Zotero (RIS file), and the newest option, BibTeX, which works in conjunction with Digital Measures.

From within a MyHein account, users can select the journal articles they would like to export. The export options are located in the upper right-hand corner:

Check the boxes next to one or more bookmarks, and then select from the export options.

Note that the CSV, Refworks, Endnote, RIS files, and BibTex options are only available for journal articles.

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