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Author Profile Email Alerts

Users are able to receive email alerts when works by authors of their choice are accessed by other HeinOnline researchers.

To access the profile page for a particular author, simply search for that author using the Advanced Search option on the Law Journal Libraryhomepage. For this example, let’s use the customer who suggested this new feature. Enter Shawn Nevers into the Author/Creator search box and click the search button.

NOTE: HeinOnline indexes author names as they appear in the original copy of a title or article (e.g. Nevers, Shawn G.). Users do not have to use this format when searching for names.


From the results page, click on the author’s name.

The hyperlink directs users to the author’s profile page. From here, click Set up email alerts and check the box When articles are accessed on HeinOnline each month. Lastly, enter an email address.

Each month, users will receive an email listing the author’s articles and how many times each article was accessed. See an example below.

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