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Where do I find the current status of a UN Treaty in HeinOnline?

Are you looking for the current status of the parties in a UN Treaty or want to see the entry into force date? In addition to providing you with key treaty data and a link to the text of the treaty as it appears in the UN Treaty Series, HeinOnline now links the most current status of the treaty as it is presented on the United Nations website at http://treaties.un.org.

There are two ways to find the current status of a treaty in HeinOnline. The first is by searching for the treaty. From HeinOnline’s United Nations Law Collection page, click on Search for a Treaty under the Finding Aids. Then, use the Treaty/Registration Number drop-down box under and enter the treaty number. For example, let’s search for 10586.

screenshot of Search for a Treaty tool

When the result appears, you will be presented with the key treaty data and a link to the text in the UNTS. Below the key data, you will see a link titled “UN Current Status Information” and the EIF date below that.

screenshot of key treaty data highlighting EIF date

Click on the EIF date to view the current status of the treaty as it appears at http://treaties.un.org.

screenshot of current status of treaty

You can also access the current status information when reading the treaty text in the UNTS. From our search result, click on the UNTS citation, 737 UNTS 161, to view the text of the treaty.

screenshot of key treaty information highlighting treaty link

Once the page opens, you will see the Treaty Summary link located to the left of the page. Click on this link and you will see the key treaty data followed by the “UN Current Status Information” link.

screenshot of Treaty Summary option in page view
screenshot of treaty summary

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