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What URL should I enter in my proxy server?

There are a variety of proxy servers available that help organizations provide remote access to a multitude of electronic resources to their users. Because of this variety, it is impossible for HeinOnline to provide a standard for proxy configurations. We can only suggest configurations that are known to work for other users; we highly encourage users who have proxy access problems to address these situations with their proxy service providers or their internal IT staff.

Generally speaking, proxy configurations should reference heinonline.org and not a specific IP addressas HeinOnline utilizes multiple servers to ensure seamless and continuous access for all users. This will ensure, as we add new server hardware, that your proxy connection to HeinOnline will continue to operate.

We do not recommend using specific HeinOnline machine names or the HeinOnline Server IP address, because these may change from time to time.

As we are aware many universities utilize EZProxy proxy servers, here is a link to suggested configuration setup:

EZProxy: https://www.oclc.org/support/services/ezproxy/documentation/cfg.en.html

In addition, HeinOnline recommends using the stanza published here: https://help.oclc.org/Library_Management/EZproxy/Database_stanzas/HeinOnline

For problems with Innovative WAM proxy servers, Innovative Interfaces has suggested opening a ticket with them when access problems are encountered. Customers have reported that restarting the proxy and webpac processes has resolved the “Error reading from remote server” proxy error.


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