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What are the definitions of the usage statistics metrics?

Usage statistics metrics are defined as follows:

Hit: A ‘hit’ is defined as any request a client browser makes to the HeinOnline server when authenticated. Since each request made by a client browser is considered a hit, it is possible to have multiple hits on the same page.

Article: ‘Article’ counts the number of times one or more pages of an article or document are viewed or downloaded. If you view or download the same article or document multiple times, each one is counted as a request.

Page View: ‘Page view’ counts the number of actual HeinOnline content pages viewed online.

Visit: ‘Visit’ counts the number of unique HeinOnline server sessions for an account. If your browser does not accept cookies, each server request creates a new session and counts as another visit. This metric counts both specific HeinOnline sessions and also the number of unique sessions within a specific title or collection. Thus, each title or collection a user visits during a single session counts as a ‘visit’ to that title or collection. Therefore, adding up the number of visits by titles or collections may be overstated.

Searches: ‘Searches’ is the cumulative number of searches performed in HeinOnline, including those from the main landing page and from within individual databases.

Please note the following:

  • Statistics do not include any searches that originated from the HeinOnline welcome page and were later refined to a specific collection
  • Statistics do not include searches via any discovery services
  • Not all HeinOnline databases are structured in the same format so certain statistics may not be a true reflection of the stat categories.

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