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Searching IFLP Metadata vs. Print Edition

There are two ways to search IFLP in HeinOnline. The first is by using the Search Metadata option which is displayed by default on the IFLP collection home page. The second option is to search across the Search Print Edition. So what is the difference between searching IFLP Metadata and the Print Edition?

Searching IFLP Metadata

The Search Metadata option is searching across a database of index records which each contain key metadata points. The coverage for this database is from 1985 to date. The IFLP Metadata search option allows you to search across key metadata points including keywords, author, article title, journal title, publication year, country of publication, subject or country subject heading, language of an article or review, book title, reviewer, ISSN or ISBN.

image of someone searching IFLP Metadata

Searching IFLP Print Edition

If you wish to search the content prior to 1985, you would have to select Search Print Edition, which is a digitized image-based version available back to 1960.  When searching across the print edition you can search for keywords and limit to a specific range of years.

image of where to search the print edition of IFLP

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