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Searching for a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Number in HeinOnline

As of June 2020, HeinOnline indexes Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers for articles, when available. DOI numbers are displayed below the Author’s name in search results:

image of Digital Object Identifier in HeinOnline search results

DOI numbers are also searchable via Advanced Search in the Law Journal Library.

For example, if a user is looking for the article Right to Housing: An Utopia for Wastepickers in the City of Fortaleza-Ceara with reference DOI: 10.19092/reed.v7i1.356, they can look it up by choosing “DOI” from the dropdown and entering the DOI in the corresponding field, and then clicking “search”:

image of Advanced Search in the Law Journal Library

The article will be returned as a search result:

image of search results for DOI search

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