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Search for a United Nations Treaty

When searching for a United Nations Treaty, click on Search for a Treaty within the Finding Aids, found under the All Titles tab.

Follow these examples for different ways to search for a United Nations Treaty.

 Treaty Registration Number

Enter the treaty number using the numerical digits only.

Example: I. No. 970 would be entered as “970”

 Country Name

Search for a treaty by Country Name by entering the full country name into the search box.

Example: Australia


 Multilateral Parties

Search by the multilateral parties involved in a treaty.

Example: Argentina


Short Title

Search across the short title of the treaty using keywords.

Example: “Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces”


Search for a treaty by the popular name.

Example: “Geneva Conventions”


Treaty Description

Search for a treaty using keywords from the treaty description.

Example: “Condition of the wounded and sick”


Annex Description

Search across the Annex Description using keywords.

Example: “Final Act of the Intergovernmental Conference”

Signature Place

Search by the place that the treaty was signed.

Example: Geneva


Signature, In Force, Previous Signature, or Post Signature Date

Search for a treaty by date using the following format: MM/DD/YY

Example: 08/12/49


Kavass Subject

All UN Treaties in HeinOnline has been assigned a Kavass Subject, thus allowing you to search by subject.

Example: “Arms Control”


UNTS Citation

Search for a treaty by the UNTS citation.

Example: “75 UNTS 31”


Volume Date

Search for a treaty by the UNTS volume date that the treaty was published in.

Example: Search for all treaties published in the UNTS in 1950.



Search for a word or phrase among the full text of the treaty or treaties.

Example: “Red Cross”

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