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Search for a Release Number in the Federal Register

There are two different ways to locate a Release Number in the Federal Register within HeinOnline. Let’s explore all those options.

One-Box Search

For example, let’s search for Release No. 34-54919. Within the Federal Register Library, use the one-box search to enter the desired Release Number within quotes and select the Just Search for option. The quotes tell the search to look for that exact phrase, rather than the words and numbers separately.

image of a search for release number in HeinOnline

From the results page, you will notice the search phrase bold-faced within results. Select Turn to page to view the result.

image of search results in Federal Register

Highlighted in green will be the number you searched for.

result in Federal Register search

Advanced Search

You can also search using the Advanced Search within the Federal Register Library. Here, use the Full Text option within the drop-down menu and search for “Release No. 34-54919”

image of Advanced Search in Federal Register

This will provide the same results as the example above.

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