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Paris Legal Publishers Package

HeinOnline has teamed up with Paris Legal Publishers to bring five journals into HeinOnline’s user-friendly interface. Complete archives and current content are available for Review of European Administrative LawEuropean Journal of Commercial Contract LawJournal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation, Journal of Medical Law and Ethics, and Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. These five journals are also in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library with a three-year embargo at no additional cost to current subscribers!

  • Brand-new agreement brings current content of prestigious journals from Paris Legal Publishers to HeinOnline
  • New journals address hot-button global legal topics, including human trafficking and exploitation, medical law and ethics, and more
  • Subscribe to the online platform and save!

About Paris Legal Publishers

Paris Legal Publishers specializes in information services for legal professionals. They are small but mighty: their size and scope enable them to be highly involved with authors, customers, and the publication process, which in turn produces an outstanding quality of information. Their goal is to provide excellent service to both customers and authors.

Subjects Covered

  • European Administrative Law
  • Commercial Contract Law
  • Insurance Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Labor Law
  • Migration and Asylum Law
  • Mental Health Law
  • Medical Ethics
  • Social and Religious Ethics
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Slavery
  • Abortion

Journals Included

Review of European Administrative Law (REALaw) is a peer-reviewed law journal published twice a year. This journal provides a forum for the discussion of issues in the development of European administrative law. It is edited at the Department of Administrative Law and Public Administration of the University of Groningen and the Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law and the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. REALaw aims to cover all aspects of European administrative law, reflecting the role of the European Union, the role of the domestic legal orders, and their mutual relation and influence.

European Journal of Commercial Contract Law (EJCCL) is a peer-reviewed law journal published three times a year. EJCCL aims to play a major role in international and European commercial law and offers the latest factual, accessible, and scientifically reliable information to legal scholars, practitioners, courts, and legislators. This journal includes content on transport law, international trade law, insurance law, e-commerce, arbitration law, bills of exchange, sale of goods law, conflict of laws, and much more!

Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation (JTHE) is a peer-reviewed journal that is published twice a year. Forces of globalization enable an ever increasing market for the commodification of human beings. In an effort to combat such actions, domestic, regional and international legal systems have outlawed trafficking in persons and various forms of human exploitation. JTHE serves as a forum to discuss and debate the legal and policy issues involving prevention, intervention, investigations, prosecution, and individual, state, and corporate responsibility surrounding human trafficking.

Journal of Medical Law and Ethics (JMLE) is a peer-reviewed journal that is published three times a year. This journal publishes articles, reports, case notes, and essays in the field of medical law and ethics. The aim of Journal of Medical Law and Ethics is to improve the way medical care is provided. This journal provides an opportunity for academics and practitioners alike to discuss the controversial areas of confidentiality and medical records, assisted conception, embryo and stem cell research, organ transplantation, professional malpractice, and much more!

Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (JHEC) is a double-blind peer-reviewed law journal published twice a year. The editorial board consists of several members of the Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in ConflictJHEC aims to fill the gap in the largely underexplored nexus between human trafficking, enslavement, and conflict-related sexual violence. The Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (JHEC) supersedes Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation (JTHE).

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