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One-Box Searching

The HeinOnline search engine generates results based on the input of various types of information. You can enter a keyword (or several), a document or case citation, an author name, the name of a publication title, and more into the HeinOnline search bar to bring up results associated with that metadata in HeinOnline.

From anywhere in HeinOnline, enter any query into the new one-box search. A series of options will appear in a drop-down allowing you to specify your search intent.

These options correlate with the former search bar tabs, while also offering two additional modes (*).

Just search for: Functions the same as the former “Full Text” tab, searching the full text of documents for your keyword(s). Users can also use this option to enter custom HeinOnline syntax—i.e. author:(Fitzgerald)—if desired.

  • Citation: Functions as a combination of the former “Citation” and “Case Law” tabs, allowing you to search for a document or case citation
  • Catalog: Functions the same as the former “Catalog” tab, searching across the entire HeinOnline catalog record.
  • *Author: Allows users to search for a section author name.
  • *Title: Allows users to search section titles across HeinOnline documents.

For example, when entering the example search “civil rights”, the search will default to the first option, a full-text search for mentions of the term throughout all HeinOnline documents.

However, choosing the Catalog option, for example, will perform a search for the term for where it appears in the HeinOnline catalog. Once they’ve chosen an option, users can see that a different search is being performed based on the difference in search syntax.

Note: HeinOnline syntax—Boolean operators, quotes, proximity searching, etc.—functions exactly the same within all of these options. Learn how to use advanced HeinOnline search syntax here.

Advanced Search Functions

When searching from the Welcome page, find all advanced search functions within one central location within the Advanced Search link found beneath the main search bar. They’ve been organized under three advanced search boxes

  1.  HeinOnline’s standard Advanced Search: Search the full text and metadata of all subscribed HeinOnline databases.
  2. Advanced Catalog Search: Search across all available HeinOnline content, including MARC 21 records, using this option. The catalog searches at the publication or title level and matching results will display subscribed and non-subscribed databases.
  3. Fastcase Case Citation Lookup: Use the navigators to pull up case law integrated through Fastcase.

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