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Military and Government

Learn all about HeinOnline’s Military and Government database in this Knowledge Base article.

Video Tutorial

Learn the ins and outs of HeinOnline’s Military and Government in this short video.

Database Content

HeinOnline’s Military and Government allows users to research the functions of the federal government in administering these essential armed forces. It also looks at the issues confronting service personnel both on and off the battlefield—from women’s changing role in the military to the development of new weaponry to navigating benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs after service. With funding to the Department of Defense making up the largest portion of the U.S. federal budget, users can also find publications devoted to debating and accounting for appropriations and other funds spent.

Start your research with primary source documents such as committee prints, government reports, congressional hearings, legislative histories, and the entirety of three Code of Federal Regulations Titles (6, 32, and 38) and multiple relevant U.S. Code Titles (6, 10, 14, 32, 34, 37, 38, and 50). Supplement with thought-provoking books, serials, periodicals, and scholarly articles, carefully curated and added to this database for their analyses and discussions of military life, operations, administration, and related issues.

Finally, also find the entirety of the Pentagon Papers in a fully searchable format, allowing researchers access to these essential documents for understanding foreign policy, the Vietnam War, and chain-of-command decision-making.

Subject-Coded Content for Easy Navigation

HeinOnline editors have created subjects to help users discover the content most relevant to their research. Every title in this collection has been analyzed and assigned one or more subjects based on its subject matter and military branch. Some of the subjects include:

  • Air Force
  • Alliances and Coalitions
  • Armed Conflict
  • Army
  • Branch Roles and Missions
  • Coast Guard
  • Compensation in the Military
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Defense Accounting and Acquisitions
  • Defense Appropriations and Authorizations
  • Diversity in the Military
  • Draft and Selective Service
  • Ethics of Law and War
  • Marine Corps
  • Military Command and Organizations
  • Military Contracting
  • Military Health and Wellness Issues
  • Military Installations
  • Military Justice
  • Military Procedure and Regulations
  • Military Recruitment and Training
  • Military Workforce and Personnel
  • National Security
  • Navy
  • Sexual Assault
  • Space Force
  • Terrorism and Insurgency
  • Veterans’ Issues
  • Weaponry, Technology, and Equipment
  • Women in the Military

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