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Infinite Scrolling

HeinOnline has always offered comprehensive search results. Results will never max out, regardless of the search parameters. For example, the incredibly broad search law from within the Law Journal Library produces millions of results:

screenshot of search results in Law Journal Library

The HeinOnline development team analyzed the way researchers used search results. They discovered that more than 85% of users do not venture beyond the first page of search results. In order to more intuitively display a greater number of search results, an infinite scroll feature has been implemented. Users are no longer required to use page arrows to go beyond the first page of results. Instead, scrolling through search results will continue until the results set is exhausted:

screenshot featuring infinite scroll

While this feature is designed to improve the overall research experience, the option to turn off infinite scroll is available next to the binoculars icon at the top of any search results page:

screenshot highlighting button to turn off infinite scroll

Turning off infinite scroll will enable users to display a finite, pre-selected number of results and allow printing of a particular result set using the web browser’s print tool.

screenshot of search result pagination

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