How To Verify Incorrect Citations in IFLP

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How To Verify Incorrect Citations in IFLP

You can use the Journal Title, Article Title, or Author fields in IFLP to verify an incorrect citation.  For example, we have the following citation, but know the citation is incorrect.  So we can search by the article title, journal title, or author to determine the proper citation formats.

The two citation formats we have are:

  1. CMLR 48:777-799 ’11
  2. Dagmar Schiek, Age Discrimination Before the ECJ: Conceptual and Theoretical Issues, 8 CMLR 777 (2011).

If you know the name of the Journal from the citation, CMLR, Common Market Law Review, you could do a search across the Journal Title field.  The below example will return a complete list of articles indexed in IFLP from Common Market Law Review.

Once the list of results comes up, you can then use the date facets on the left to narrow the list to the articles published in 2011, the date we have from our citation.


If you are unsure as to what the journal title is, you could also search by the author.  In this case, we could search by the author’s last name, Schiek.

Then, when the results come up, scroll through to find the specific article, and click on the name of the article to open the complete IFLP index record.

The IFLP index record will indicate the correct citation, which in this case should be CMLR 48:777-799 2011 or 48 CMLR 777 (2011).

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