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How to Search in Legal Classics

This Knowledge Base article will explore all the various ways to search using the Advanced Search option within the Legal Classics database.

Advanced Search

Within the Legal Classics database, select the Advanced Search option located under the one-box search.

image of advanced search within Legal classics

Here, users can search across all titles in the database by Text, Book Title, Book Author, Section Author, Section Title, and Volume Date.

image of menu options in Legal Classics Advanced Search

Advanced Search Example

For example, let’s search by Book Author for William Blackstone.

image of search example in Legal Classics Library

This will return all results within the Legal Classics Library with this author’s name.

image of example of search results

One-Box Search

Users can also search using HeinOnline’s one-box search. This syntax will follow the various metadata within the database:

  • Book Title: voltitle
  • Book Author: volauthor
  • Section Author: creator
  • Section Title: title

One-Box Search Example

For example, let’s run the same search above, using the Just Search for option within HeinOnline’s one-box search.

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