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How to Research the Career of a Senator

Discover a few ways to research the life and career of a senator with HeinOnline.

Video Tutorial

Below is a short video tutorial on this topic.

U.S. Congressional Documents

HeinOnline’s U.S. Congressional Documents includes the complete Congressional Record bound volume set from its inception, plus its three predecessor titles, congressional hearings, and much more, making it the ideal database to begin researching a specific senator.

To locate records of a specific senator’s participation in hearings, his or her statements, and more, use the one-box search within the database. For example, search for Senator Bernie Sander by just entering his last name and selecting the Just Search for option.

image of using the Just Search for option within HeinOnline's one-box search

Next, use the facets on the left hand side to refine your search. Choose Bernard Sanders from the Person facet.

image of refining by person using facets in HeinOnline

U.S. Congressional Serial Set

To further researching the career of a senator, use the U.S. Congressional Serial Set to find congressional reports from committees of which the senator was a part. For this example, search for “bernard sanders” and use the Just Search for option within HeinOnlne’s one-box search. Next, refine the results by entering the date range this senator was in office.

image of refining a search query by date using the faceting tool

Law Journal Library

Next, to find scholarly works that discuss and analyze various aspects of a senator’s political career, users can use the Law Journal Library. For example, let’s search for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Search for her name using the Just Search for option within HeinOnline’s one-box search. Then refine the results by selecting her name from the Person facet, as well as her relevant Organizations.

image of refining results using multiple facets in HeinOnline

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