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How to Determine If a Treaty Is Still in Force

Utilize the Treaty Index tool within HeinOnline’s U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library to discover if a treaty is still force or terminated. This database shows all treaties to which the United States is a party, whether still in force or terminated.

For example, say we want to find the treaty between the United States and Kazakhstan from April 4, 2000. First, we will go to the U.S. Treaty Index tool and enter Kazakhstan for the Country Name and In Force date of 2000-04-04.

U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library Treaty Index tool

From this search, we will get just one result.

U.S. Treaties and Agreements treaty search result

Click the Summary link within the result to bring up the treaty metadata. For every treaty, you will see a field Treaty In Force that will note if the treaty is still In Force or has been terminated.

Treaty Summary metadata

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