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How do I search for law review articles by country or U.S. state?

Are you looking for law review articles about corporate attorney-client privilege that were published in law reviews from Illinois? Or, are you looking for articles that discuss the Resource Management Act and the Local Government Acts of New Zealand? If you often find yourself looking for articles published in state-specific journals or published in a particular country, then you’ll find this tip helpful.

You can search by country or U.S. state using the advanced search option in the Law Journal Library. When searching by country or U.S. state, you must insert the full name of the country or state rather than the abbreviations. For example, you must enter Florida vs. FL, or United States vs. U.S. or USA.

Example – Search by U.S. State:

We want to find law review articles published in Illinois regarding “corporate attorney-client privilege.”

Advanced search by state within the Law Journal Library

Go to the Advanced Search option at the top of the main page. Select Text from the drop down menu and enter the phrase “corporate attorney-client privilege” into the first search box. Then select State from the second drop down menu and insert Illinois into the second search box. 

Example – Search by Country:

Let’s look at another example. We want to find articles from New Zealand publications that discuss the relationship between the Local Government Act of 2002 and Resource Management Act of 1991 in New Zealand and how the principles of sustainable management and sustainable development are affected.

In the Field Search option, select Text from the first drop down and insert the phrase “local government act” into the first search box. Select Text from the second drop down and insert the phrase “resource management act” into the second search box. Select Country from the third drop down and enter “New Zealand” into the search box and click search.

Advanced search by country in the law journal library

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