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How to Search by Author

HeinOnline indexes author names as they appear in the original copy of a title/article. Some author names may contain middle initials, only the first initial of their first name, or both first and middle initials. An author could be displayed in the index in one or more of the following formats:

  • Last Name, First Name (ex: Cheffins, Brian)
  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial (ex: Franck, Susan D.)
  • Last Name, First Initial, Middle Initial (ex: Robertson, A. H.)
  • Last Name, First Initial (ex: Miller, S.)
  • Last Name, First Initial, Middle Name (ex: Miller, S. Elizabeth)

You can search for authors multiple ways.

Article Authors

From the Welcome Page

Type the author’s name into the one-box search and select the Author option from the drop-down menu.

One-box search for author

HeinOnlne’s author search syntax will appear. Click the magnifying glass to run the search:

One-box search for author

Next, click the author’s name hyperlinked within search results:

Search results in HeinOnline for author name

You can also enter the Law Journal Library, select Advanced Search and use the Author/Creator field to search for an author:

Law Journal Library advanced search for author

Book Authors

Users can also search for book authors the one-box search. Enter the Author’s name and select the Catalog option from the drop-down menu.

Book author search in HeinOnline's catalog

Results will show any titles in HeinOnline that exist by the author:

Book author search results in HeinOnline's catalog

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