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How do I search a specific volume of a title?

In HeinOnline, you may come across titles that have multiple volumes. Some sets are more extensive than others, but in any case, you may want to search a specific volume of a title rather than search across the entire set.

Using our Legal Classics database, for example, say we want to find references to fraud in the second volume of “Treatise upon Some of the General Principles of the Law, Whether of a Legal, or of an Equitable Nature, including their Relations and Application to Actions and Defenses in General” written by William Wait. To search by volume number, you must construct your search using the Advanced Search option.

To search by volume number, enter Legal Classics and find the title you are looking for using the alphabetic listing.

screenshot of Legal Classics database

Scroll down to find the title or CTRL F to type the title and it will be highlighted for you.

screenshot of title listing in Legal Classics database

Find volume 2 and open it up.

screenshot of title and volume listing in Legal Classics database

Click on the magnifying glass above the page image

screenshot of a work in Legal Classics highlighting the "search" magnifying glass

Next click on “This Volume” and enter fraud into the search box. Then hit the search button.

screenshot of "search within this volume" function in HeinOnline

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