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How do I find information on a certain topic?

Let’s say you’re tasked with finding find information on a certain topic or subject, such as law review articles about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. You can search across all collections from the stationary one-box search, which is located at the top of all pages in HeinOnline, for “affordable care act” AND implement* using the Just Search for option.

Note that the phrase Affordable Care Act must use quotation marks, as do all phrases for which you are searching in HeinOnline. The * after implement* is a wildcard indicator, so your search will find all variations of implement, such as implementation, implementing, and so on.

image of a search to find information on a certain topic in HeinOnline

This search will generate thousands of results. To narrow down the search results to only articles in the Law Journal Library, you can use the Collection/Library facet on the left side of the page.

image of refining results in HeinOnline

If desired, you can also narrow your results to a specific subject as well, using HeinOnline’s PathFinder tool.

image of refining a search to find information on a certain topic in HeinOnline

What’s more, you can navigate to the PathFinder tool within the Law Journal Library to find information on a certain topic, or what we call subjects.

image of Law Journal Library
image of PathFinder tool in HeinOnline

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