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How do I find information on a certain topic?

Let’s say you’re tasked with finding law review articles about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. You can do a search across all collections from the stationary main search bar, which is located at the top of all pages in HeinOnline, for “affordable care act” AND implement*. Note that the phrase “affordable care act” must use quotation marks, as do all phrases for which you are searching in HeinOnline. The * after implement* is a wildcard indicator, so your search will find all variations of implement: implementation, implementing, and so forth.

This search will generate several thousand results. To narrow down the search results to only articles in the Law Journal Library, you can use the facets on the left side of the page:

If desired, you can also narrow your results to a date range from these facets as well.

Alternatively, you can enter the Law Journal Library first, and then perform the same search in the main search bar, which becomes collection-specific:

Or, select Advanced Search to display search fields, title and subject selection options, and date range boxes.

From here, you can review your results and decide whether to narrow your search by adding additional terms, phrases, etc.

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