How can I print more than one article at a time?

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How can I print more than one article at a time?

Once you have located the article or pages that you wish to print, select the print option from the page toolbar. From the print options menu, select one of the PDF download options (either PDF or PDFtext). If prompted, save the PDF to a location on your computer. Otherwise, once the PDF has finished downloading, click save from the Adobe Reader toolbar and save the PDF to your computer.

Now, continue your research until you find the next article or pages of interest. Then download the document as a PDF and save it to the same location on your computer as the first document you downloaded. Continue to download and save the documents you need for your research until you are finished and ready to print.

Once you have completed your research and are ready to print the downloaded pages, open the folder on your computer to which you have saved your documents. Highlight each of the PDF files in the folder that you wish to print by holding down the control button and selecting each file. If you want to select everything in the folder, you can also hit CTRL+A on your keyboard. Now, go to the File menu from within the Window’s (or your specific operating system) folder, and select print. This will then send a request to the printer to print all selected items.

To view a live demonstration of this, visit our blog post.

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