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Federal Rules of Evidence

The Federal Rules of Evidence, published by the GPO, is available in the following databases in HeinOnline:

Coverage begins with inception in 1978 and is available through the current volume. Use the Catalog tab on the HeinOnline welcome page and enter Federal Rules of Evidence into the search bar:


Select the title (it’s the first search result) to view available volumes:


To find a specific rule, enter the appropriate volume and perform a search in the Rules section. For example, to find the most current version of Rule 802, enter the 2016 volume and click on the Rules section in the Table of Contents:

From there, click the magnifying glass icon located directly above the page image. Enter “Rule 802” in quotation marks and select This Section. Then, click Search:

Click the “Turn to page” link from the search result to access the page on which Rule 802 begins:

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