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Criminal Justice & Criminology

As the world’s understanding changes over time, so do the systems by which nations keep the peace. The American criminal justice system of today continues to evolve as new laws are passed, new punishments devised, and—often thanks to the work of criminologists—new ideas are introduced. With protests regarding police brutality and law enforcement reform, topics in the fields of criminal justice and criminology have risen to the forefront of global awareness, demonstrating the necessity for authoritative resources on the subjects.

This HeinOnline database offers a historical overview of these two ever-changing disciplines and their various expressions in American and English law over time. Collecting Bureau of Justice statistics, memoirs of retired Scotland Yard investigators, congressional hearings, rare or hard-to-find accounts of prison life in days long past, and much more, this collection explores how criminal justice has changed in America, and the effect criminology has had on those changes.

Whats more, too help users navigate the content spanning these two wide-reaching disciplines, all titles in the collection have been categorized into 16 subject areas including criminal statics, drug enforcement, investigation and forensics, penology, and more. Check out our dedicated LibGuide to learn more about this unique database.

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