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CFR Sections Affected

There are several different ways that you can find CFR sections affected in HeinOnline. Please note that this only works for material from 2015 and forward.

CFR Locator Tools

When using the Title/Part/Section Quick Locator or the CFR Citation Locator from the CFR collection homepage to find CFR material, additional information will display in the search result(s) indicating where the cited section was affected in the Federal Register*. For example, select 2015, Title 5, Part 531:

screenshot of Title/Part/Section Quick Locator Tool in CFR with sections affected listed

Click the links in the Affected by box to view the Federal Register issues in which the CFR section has been affected.

screenshot of CFR sections affected highlighting links

You can also use this CFR Sections Affected Locator tool to see if anything has been affected by the Federal Register.

screenshot of CFR Sections Affected Locator tool


You can also find CFR sections affected when browsing through the CFR. For example, from the CFR homepage, select “Years” from the Browse By options.

screenshot of Browse By options highlighting Years

Select the 2020 Edition, then 2 – Grants and Agreements.

Here, you will see which parts were affected and how many times, and you can click on the links to find the corresponding Federal Register issues.

screenshot of title list highlighting sections affected

Video Tutorial

Learn how to use the CFR Locator Tools with this short video.

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