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Can I browse to find an article instead of searching?

Yes, you can browse to find an article from the collection homepage once inside the Law Journal Library, if you know the journal name, volume, and issue the article is located in.

Use the ABC listing found at the top of the page, and select the letter the journal starts with. For an example, an article we can look for is in the Nanotechnology Law & Business journal. Start by selecting N. This will show all journal publications starting with N in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the journal, and click on the title.

screenshot of search for journal in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library

This will display all of the volumes for that journal. Click the volume from the listing that you know your article exists within. This will then display the electronic table of contents for that volume. We should now see our example article, Nanoscale Graphene Platelets Taking Its Place as an Emerging Class of Nanomaterials, in the list of contents. Click the page number listed after the article title to view in HeinOnline.

screenshot of journal in Law Journal Library highlighting specific volume and article

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