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Approved Discovery Services & How They Work with HeinOnline

HeinOnline has formal agreements in which we provide data feeds of our content to two discovery service vendors: EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and Innovative’s Encore Discovery Solution. Many customers use one of these two platforms to search their entire library’s collection of materials, both online and in print.

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

EBSCO receives monthly content updates from HeinOnline and immediately harvests the data, which is then available via their discovery platform.

EBSCO’s platform takes research to the next level. It provides a fast, streamlined search through a single search box; it uses high-end indexing, providing end users with in-depth indexing of publishers’ content. EBSCO indexes subject headings, author abstracts, author keywords, author affiliations, geographic terms, the full text of articles, and all article information including title, author, journal, and more. Search results are returned in order of relevance to efficiently provide researchers with information that is most applicable to their query.

Learn more about EBSCO Discovery Service by visiting their website.

Innovative’s Encore Duet

Innovative’s Encore Discovery Solution has relationships with HeinOnline and other content providers, allowing libraries to integrate a full range of resources, similar to EBSCO Discovery Service.  Encore has recently partnered with EBSCO to create the Encore Duet option, so many Encore users have the full power of EDS search capabilities.

Users of Encore Duet have the same up-to-date, in-depth indexing as customers of EBSCO Discovery Service. HeinOnline content is integrated into this platform monthly, so new material is available to researchers immediately.

Innovative’s Encore Discovery Solution (without EDS)

Users of Encore Discovery Solution without EDS are still able to access much of HeinOnline’s content. Innovative’s Encore indexes only the metadata, and not the full-text of HeinOnline material. This would affect a researcher who is researching a topic in which search terms occur in a document beyond what has been indexed in Encore.

To learn more about Encore and Encore Duet, visit their website.

HeinOnline also provides lists of content to vendors other than those we have specific agreements with and most vendors also have complimentary access to HeinOnline to index material.

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