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American Bar Association

HeinOnline has partnered with the American Bar Association to provide access to current content of more than 100 ABA-published journals. Click here to learn more about the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the American Bar Association Law Library Collection Program shared with us by the ABA.

1. What is the ABA Law Library Collection Program?

The ABALLC allows you to simplify your work and save time by managing your subscriptions, reviewing your billing history, placing book orders, and maintaining your periodical subscriptions. It also allows you to review your books before purchasing—no need to pay in advance—we will invoice your purchases. And it offers you a discount on the books you do purchase depending on the program you select, Gold or Silver.

2. What is the Gold Program?

Gold subscribers enjoy a 25% discount and receive an automatic monthly shipment of all the newest ABA Law Library Collection books. Then you can easily return any books within 30 days that are not needed for your library and pay for those you keep—we will invoice your purchases. You also must pay an annual fee of $950.00 for the full complement of ABA subscription periodicals published throughout the year, which includes 49 different print periodicals. And you receive a monthly email notifying you of the new book titles you will receive along with other monthly CLE materials and trade books that are available for optional purchase at your 25% discount.

3. What is the Silver Program?

Silver subscribers receive a monthly notification email of all the newest ABA Law Library Collection books and CLE products available for optional purchase at a 15% discount. The monthly notification includes an easy-to-use order form with your discount calculated so you will always know what your book cost will be. You also must pay an annual fee of $950.00 for the full complement of ABA subscription print periodicals published throughout the year, which includes 49 print different periodicals.

4. What is the HeinOnline program?

If you choose either the Gold or Silver program, you have the option to purchase and use your annual fee toward receiving your periodicals electronically instead through an arrangement between the ABA and HeinOnline. HeinOnline will arrange the program that is right for your library and will invoice you for the program you choose. And you will continue to receive your ABA new, monthly books under the same Gold or Silver ABALLC program. Call Hein at 800-828-7571 for the annual fee information.

5. Is there an advantage to the ABALLC program with HeinOnline?

Yes. Besides having access to all the periodicals and updates throughout the year on the excellent Hein platform, you also receive 52 additional ABA periodicals that are only available electronically for a total of 101 periodicals instead of only 49 via print.

6. Do I only have access to the ABALLC discount on books that are on the monthly list?

No. Your discount on ABA books applies to all titles ordered any time during the subscription period. You simply submit your book order the ABALLC team and we will fulfill your order at your applicable LLC discount. (NOTE: Some ABA Sections may occasionally opt-out of the LLC for their book titles. We will always notify you prior to placing your order if your selection does not qualify for a discount.)

7. Is there help available to me if I have any questions about the program after I sign up?

Yes! You have a specialty team at the ABA that is set up to handle all LLC member questions or issues at any time. Our team can provide copies of invoices and manage returns, billing questions, claims, and more. And if you carry the HeinOnline program for periodicals, Hein will also provide customer service for any questions related to the periodicals covered on their platform.

8. If I choose the print periodical Gold or Silver program, will I be able to claim missing periodicals for my library?

Yes. We accept claims for damaged or missing print periodicals within your subscription period. Simply contact us and let us know what issue(s) you are missing. Additionally we send out a claims form 3X/year to assist you in managing your print periodicals.

9. What do I do about periodical claims if I choose HeinOnline?

Since your periodicals are online, Hein provides an archive to all periodicals beginning with the date at the start of your subscription. So you will access your periodical archives through HeinOnline.

10. Can I get my LLC discount if I want to order books from the ABA’s online shop?

Yes! Simply contact ABALLC and request having your library credentials set up for americanbar.org/products, and you can order books online with a library credit card anytime and receive your discount.

11. How do I learn more or sign up for the ABALLC and/or the HeinOnline option?

For ABA or general program information you may contact us via email at [email protected]. If you would like to learn more about the ABALLC HeinOnline program you may contact Hein directly at [email protected] or 800-828-7571. Or you can call the Library Program Manager, Donna Gollmer, at [email protected].

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