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About Hein’s Current Content Online Subscription Model

All of the 3,000+ journals in HeinOnline date back to inception, and 90% include coverage to the current issue or volume with no delay. In addition to hosting many academic journals, we also partner with several publishers to provide commercial content. Due to publishing agreements, a small percentage of journals include an embargo on current volumes. HeinOnline has partnered with major publishers to offer unlocked content packages for journals that have an embargo on recent issues.

Select subscription packages are offered so you and your patrons can always access the latest content.

Here is an example of locked content:

And, here is an example of unlocked content:

  • ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals
  • Art Antiquity and Law
  • Brill Nijhoff Journal & Yearbook Collection
  • Buddhism, Law & Society
  • Current Index to Legal Periodicals
  • Edward Elgar Publishing Law Package
  • Hackney Publications
  • McGill Institute of Air and Space Law Publications
  • Paris Legal Publishers Package
  • Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases
  • SAGE Journals

Additional Current Content Subscriptions

  • Buffalo Environmental Law Journal
  • Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal
  • Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
  • Immigration and Nationality Law Review
  • International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family
  • Journal of Comparative Law
  • Jus Gentium: Journal of International Legal History
  • Medicine and Law
  • Review of Banking and Financial Law

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