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Advanced Search Syntax

The Advanced Search Syntax guide provides in-depth explanations of search syntax and techniques, as well as a multitude of helpful...

Searching 101

This tutorial will provide basic search instruction, including search structure and syntax, to HeinOnline users.

Searching 101

Learn the basics of searching and the structure of HeinOnline content with this short and easy-to-follow guide. Searching 101

Getting Started in HeinOnline

Both new users and veteran researchers will benefit from the tips offered in this guide. Logging in, searching, and navigating...

Citations on a Page

This short video explains how to utilize inline hyperlinks and link between related documents in HeinOnline.

Catalog Searching

This Quimbee video explains how to search the HeinOnline catalog.

Navigating HeinOnline Databases

This short tutorial explains how to navigate among HeinOnline’s databases, also known as collections, and how to perform basic searches.

Search by Bill Number

This video explains how to search the U.S. Congressional Documents database for a specific bill.  

Search by Rollcall Vote

Interested to know how your representative voted on an issue? This video explains how to search the U.S. Congressional Documents...

Congressional Hearings Quick Finder

HeinOnline contains thousands of Congressional hearings. This video explains how to use the Congressional Hearings Quick Finder to locate specific...