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Searching the United Nations Law Collection

The United Nations Law Collection in HeinOnline provides a variety of searching options depending upon the content that you are searching for. From the collection home page, you can use one of the six finding aids to locate UN materials.

  1. Enter a United Nations Treaty Series Citation
  2. Enter a League of Nations Treaty Series Citation
  3. Search for a Treaty
  4. Search all United Nations Publications
  5. International Agreements by Popular Name
  6. Scholarly Writings of Faculty Members


Understanding & Using the Search Results for United Nations and League of Nations Treaties

Search Results Format

When you run a search for a United Nations or League of Nations Treaty, the search results will contain key information about the treaty including but not limited to:

    • UNTS/L.N.T.S. Citation – this links to the full text of the treaty
    • Treaty/Registration Number
    • Countries Involved or “Multilateral”
    • Short Title
    • Description (if available)
    • Registration Date

Link to Law Review Articles that cite the Treaty

If a link appears that says “Cited by ##”, you can click on the link to view a list of all Law Review articles in HeinOnline that cite the treaty.

View the Summary Information for the Treaty

If you click on “Treaty Summary”, a list of key information about the treaty will be displayed. In addition to the above information outlined, the Summary will also display the parties to agree (when applicable), the popular name, the full treaty description, as well as the Kavass subject indexing that is applied to the treaty.

Agreement Text Not Currently Available

If you see a result that begins with the heading “Agreement Text Not Currently Available”, this indicates that the full text for the agreement is not available in HeinOnline. We do however, still supply you with the data that is relevant to the treaty by allowing you to view the “Treaty Summary”.