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Tilikum, Circus Elephants, and Animal Rights


Tilikum was a 22 feet long, more than 11,000 pound killer whale and possibly the most famous orca in the world. Earlier this month, he died of serious health issues at an estimated 36 years of age. He was captured near his birthplace of Iceland and performed in captivity for decades, becoming notorious for aggressive behavior, including the death of three people. Tilikum was profiled in the documentary Blackfish,

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NEW: HeinOnline Help Video Series Now Available!


HeinOnline is excited to announce a new help video series, created by the masterminds at Quimbee, which is now available on the HeinOnline YouTube channel!

About the HeinOnline Video Series

Several months ago, Quimbee approached the Hein Company with the idea to create a course for attorneys and students on the use of HeinOnline. After some initial collaboration, Quimbee took the information provided by HeinOnline's support team and help page and ran with it,

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Mandatory Overtime Pay

On November 22, 2016, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant III issued a preliminary injunction denying the U.S. Department of Labor's new regulation to extend mandatory overtime pay. Under the  regulation, workers who earn less than $47,476 per year and work more than 40 hours per week would have received mandatory overtime pay beginning December 1, 2016.

The Department of Labor's new guidelines applied to an estimated 4.2 million workers and would have doubled the maximum salary workers were allowed to earn and still be eligible for overtime pay,

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HeinOnline Help Video Series

Although librarians are information superheroes, it's impossible to help everyone or be everywhere at the same time. In order to assist with the mission to spread knowledge, the HeinOnline support team has created several short videos to help all types of users with searching and navigating in the world's largest image-based legal research database. Below is a snapshot of some of the more recent help videos available.

1. What Is HeinOnline?

For new law students or associates who may not have had the opportunity to use HeinOnline before,

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Research African-Americans’ Contributions to Legal History

In September of 1915, Dr. Carter G. Woodson helped found the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). The Association had the initial goal of bringing the historical contributions of African-Americans to national attention at a time when these contributions were largely overlooked; today, the organization's mission is to promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to the global community.

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Intellectual Property Law Collection

What does the late music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member David Bowie have to do with the concept of intellectual property? Back in the late 1990s, David Bowie's recording and distribution deal was about to expire, and his business manager was looking for new finance options to help buy out Bowie's former business manager and to raise a significant amount of money before Bowie returned to live in the United Kingdom. 

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Getting Started with HeinOnline: New Quick Reference Guide Available

Last week, HeinOnline released its updated interface! So far, feedback has been mostly positive; however, we realize that with any change, there is an adjustment period.

In order to make this transition as easy as possible for our users, we have created a Getting Started in HeinOnline Quick Reference Guide to help users adjust to the changes we've made.


Enhancements to the interface include a stationary search bar which is available on all pages in HeinOnline:

The interface is now responsive,

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New Video Available: Citations on a Page

Using HeinOnline's ScholarCheck tool is like having an assistant helping with your legal research!  In the past year, we've made several enhancements to ScholarCheck. Check out how we've integrated the features of ScholarCheck into case law powered by Fastcase here. We've also added the ability to view the number of times an article has been viewed by other HeinOnline users in a rolling 12-month period, which we discuss in detail here.

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CRS Reports Enhanced and Added to the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection

Back in early March, we blogged about the availability of CRS Reports in HeinOnline.  We have enhanced their discoverability by creating subcollections for CRS Reports in both the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II and the History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III libraries.

These subject-specific CRS Reports can be accessed from the Welcome Screen by expanding each collection to reveal subcollections:

Or by entering a collection and choosing CRS Reports from the Browse Options:


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