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Exploring the Welcome Page

This Quimbee tutorial teaches users about the content and features of the HeinOnline Welcome Page.  

Catalog Searching

This Quimbee video explains how to search the HeinOnline catalog.

Searching by Citation

This brief Quimbee video explains how to quickly retrieve a document by its citation.

Retrieving Case Law

This video explains how to retrieve case law in HeinOnline. HeinOnline contains Supreme Court cases, but has a partnership with...

HeinOnline and Fastcase

This video explains the relationship between HeinOnline and Fastcase, and the differences between Fastcase Basic and Fastcase Premium.

Navigating HeinOnline Databases

This short tutorial explains how to navigate among HeinOnline’s databases, also known as collections, and how to perform basic searches.

Image Toolbar

This tutorial explains the functionality of all tools on the image toolbar, which is located above every page image in...


This video explains the various tools that compose HeinOnline’s ScholarCheck tool, which links users between related documents and measures citation...

Author Profile Pages

This short video explains how to access and set up author profiles, and the various metrics available within author profile...

U.S. Congressional Documents

This tutorial explains the incredible amount of content available within the U.S. Congressional Documents and how to navigate the database.

History of Bills and Resolutions

This tutorial specifically explores browsing and searching across the History of Bills and Resolutions in the U.S. Congressional Documents database.

Search by Bill Number

This video explains how to search the U.S. Congressional Documents database for a specific bill.  

Search by Rollcall Vote

Interested to know how your representative voted on an issue? This video explains how to search the U.S. Congressional Documents...

Congressional Hearings Quick Finder

HeinOnline contains thousands of Congressional hearings. This video explains how to use the Congressional Hearings Quick Finder to locate specific...