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Getting Started in HeinOnline

Both new users and veteran researchers will benefit from the tips offered in this guide. Logging in, searching, and navigating...

How do I search by Author?

HeinOnline indexes author names as they appear in the original copy of a title/article. Some author names may contain middle...

eTOC Alerts in HeinOnline

This short video explains how to set up eTOC, or electronic table of contents, alerts in HeinOnline.

Emailing PDF Links

This video explains how to email a PDF link to anyone, anywhere. The end user does not need a HeinOnline...

Exploring the Welcome Page

This Quimbee tutorial teaches users about the content and features of the HeinOnline Welcome Page.  

Searching by Citation

This brief Quimbee video explains how to quickly retrieve a document by its citation.

Navigating HeinOnline Databases

This short tutorial explains how to navigate among HeinOnline’s databases, also known as collections, and how to perform basic searches.

Image Toolbar

This tutorial explains the functionality of all tools on the image toolbar, which is located above every page image in...

Infinite Scrolling

HeinOnline has always offered comprehensive search results. Results will never max out, regardless of the search parameters. For example, the...